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Whether you have a million dollars or are pinching pennies, creative dishes that serve your family and bend to your budget are a must. Here at For the Love of Leftovers, we have a goal to help make a dent in the food insecurity that is sweeping the nation, and the world. We believe you can do this in a number of ways such as homesteading, buying in bulk, without having all the gadgets, without eating the same thing day after day, and with making healthy, delicious choices for yourself and your family.

Hi, I’m Katie!

I’m a busy mom of 6. With a homestead to run, a house to manage, and children growing like weeds in the garden, meal planning and saving a penny we’re at the top of my list of skills to learn.

Raising a small army and feeding them meant there could be leftovers for days! Which is great when you don’t feel like cooking after a long day, but hard when everyone is tired of eating the same thing over and over.

The kitchen is where my creativity has always blossomed. Being able to take nothing and make something unique and delicious is a skill and gift I am happy to share with others. Even with limited budgets and a small pantry, being able to feed your family delicious meals with what you have should be enjoyable!

Here I’m challenging you to love leftovers again. Get creative in the kitchen with repurposing last nights leftovers into today’s new tried and true dish that your family begs for!

Learn to
love leftovers again.

The Story

behind the blog

I’ve grown up in the beautiful state of Maine and reside there with my own family today. Maine is one of the lowest-income states in the nation. We have more families on SNAP, welfare, and just struggling than most of the U.S.

Growing up my family had times I can remember where venison, onions, and potatoes were on repeat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There were times as a young adult, I was paying bills I shouldn’t have been, and even times as a young child that I would skip meals at school to save my parents money. Also, I cannot remember being taught the importance of budgeting or food (other than the pyramid) in school.

There have been times as a mom that my family has had to stretch and go through growing pains financialy. There have been times we weren’t sure if we should buy diapers or milk. As a single income, large family, I can understand that fear and hurt.

All that to say, I understand the struggle, fear, and heartfelt desire to do right by your family. Especially as a mom, to provide good, delicious food to our children and a safe, loving home is our number one priority.

I’m an open book, recipe and otherwise…

My heart is to help you get creative when you want to, and have tried and true recipes and access to meal plans when you don’t. All of this while staying in budget and not dreading going to the grocery store.

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